Pocket Ethernet Analyzer for analyzing, troubleshooting and configurating your networks

Get all the essential tools for network analysis and troubleshooting in one device. With Pro you even can configurate your network. Operation and evaluation is carried out independently of the operating system using the free APP for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. The primary tester for any network administrator who is in control at all times and want to ensure monitoring of its network! 


User friendly

Get the information you need quickly and easily on your Android or iOS Phone, tablet and laptop!



The smallest network engineering tool on the market. Every team member can carry one and use their phone. 



Connect over or tag and send important information to a team member via Text, messenger, or email! 



DEMO Video

Learn how to use the PRO, what information you can get about your network and share it with other users.


Network automation using SSH in your pocket

Using SSH (Secure Shell) you can establish an encrypted connection to the command line (shell) on your web server.

Auto configure untagged ports

Automatically configure an endless number of Ethernet ports - On-demand configuration

Auto configure tagged VLAN ports 

Manual Queue - No syntax knowledge required

Custom IF/THEN templates

Very effective - import and export of your own IF/THEN templates


PCAP capture and review 

Capture - Filter - Convert and Check


Auto Queue

Create a queue - configure later, share a queue with your colleagues PRO - Configure untagged VLAN ID

  • Auto configure an endless number of ethernet ports 
    Create a queue of ports you plug your Pro into and map it to a VLAN ID that you set and auto configure the port later. Requires LLDP or CDP to be enabled on the switch. 

  • On demand queue
    Use manual queue on the main menu to queue a port for untagged configuration when you want. 

  • Review what changed
    Review what changed with saved logs within the history menu. 

  • No syntax knowledge needed
    No need to know the switch CLI syntax to configure untagged ports. PRO - Configure tagged VLANs

  • Auto queue tagged VLANs
    Harness the power of the queue by gathering a list of ethernet ports to auto-configure with tagged VLAN IDs. Great for Access Point deployments. 
  • Manual queue
    Manually select which ports to add to queue. 

  • No syntax knowledge needed
    No need to know the switch CLI syntax to configure tagged and native VLAN IDs on a port. PRO - Configure with IF/THEN

  • Truly Powerful 
    Harness the power of IF/THEN statements to make your own custom configuration deployments. 
  • Export
    Export your IF/THEN templates using AES 129 encryption and share it with a colleague, near by or across the world, to expand your configuration effort. 

  • Import
    Import a shared or backed up IF/THEN template. Download pre-made templates and more. If a iOS user, iOS 10 and above is required for this feature. PRO - PCAP Capture

  • Capture
    Capture packets to a USB thumb drive. Thumb drive not included, we recommend a SanDisk.
  • Filter
    Filter out only what you want to capture, for example HTTP.

  • Convert and Review
    Convert to text and download any captured PCAP file on the root of the thumb drive that is plugged into the Pro. PRO - Deploy with auto queue

  • Queue many, configure later
    If you need to configure many ports, let netool detect the ports you connect it to using LLDP or CDP and configure them automatically later. 
  • Share your queue
    Share with a colleagure to verify port configuration changes. 

  • Description
    Change the port description per queued port. 

  • Run all or just one
    You can run the entire queue or just one queue entry. PRO - Review the logs

  • Detailed log view 
    For every successful SSH session that netool establishes the netool will save a detailed output log of that session.
  • Share the log
    Share the log via email, slack, txt and more.

  • Masked passwords
    All passwords in the log are detected and masked before saving to the Pro. PRO - Deploy with confidence

  • Control the amount of access
    SSH switch credentials profiles are un-editable enabling security even when you give your another user. 
  • Disable access to IF/THEN templates
    IF/THEN templates are a very powerful tool within the Pro, enabling direct access to the console of the switch that Pro has credential for. So we added the ability to disable IF/THEN statements for any given switch SSH credential profile. 

  • Restrict VLAN-IDs
    In a given SSH switch credential profile you can restrict which VLAN IDs that this netool can configure to. PRO - Export and Import

  • Credentials 
    Import or export your Credentials profiles using AES 128 encryption to expand your workforce. 
  • IF/THEN Templates
    Have a custom IF/THEN statement to share with your team? Export and share it via email, slack, text and more. 


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Quick Start Guide

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