Ekahau Connect™

All-in-One-Product-Suite for better WiFi

With Ekahau Connect™, you can plan, optimize and troubleshoot WiFi networks faster and easier than ever before. It enables seamless collaboration between the IT staff who are responsible for the smooth running of the WiFi and the WiFi expert, who is often overwhelmed with managing multiple projects and locations.

Ekahau Connect consists of Ekahau Pro, Ekahau Sidekick, Ekahau Survey, Ekahau Analyzer, Ekahau Capture, and Ekahau Cloud.

Right from the beginning

Ekahau helps you to place the right number of Access Points (APs) in the right locations. Accurately design a high capacity WiFi network based on your requirements and floor plans.


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WiFi Optimization of its Best

Perform ongoing network optimizations to minimize covarage gaps and account in RF introduced over time.


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Faster, Easier & Smarter

Diagnose and fix interference issues fast and avoid costly downtime for your business-critical WiFi. Autotest and troubleshoot the most common Wi-Fi problems in seconds


Ekahau in Action

Learn how to use Ekahau Connect, which information you get about your WiFi network and how to share with other users.



    Design reliable, high capacity Wi-Fi networks
    Analyze and troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues in real-time
    Validate a new Wi-Fi deployment or optimize an existing Wi-Fi network
Technical Data Ekahau Connect
Scope of Delivery Ekahau Pro, Sidekick, Survey, Capture, Cloud
Site Surveys (multiple floors, 3D)
Simultaneouse active & passive surveys
Spectrum Site Surveys
Multi-adapter support
GPS outdoor surveys optional
Touch-Screen optimized when using an iPhone or iPad
Survey with iPhone or iPad
Maximum survey time Over 8 hrs with Ekahau Sidekick
Netzwork Planning (3D & 2D)
Automated AP placement and network optimization
Includes 2500+ Wi-Fi APs and antennas for planning in 3D
Coverage and Capacity simulations
Automatic channel planning
Signal strength, SNR
Noise/interference, Data rate - overlap
Roaming, RTT, packet loss
Channel interference
Capacity analysis, Network health analysis
Spectrum analysis
Spectrum channel power / utilization
Analyze collected data using one of 17 heatmaps
Report generator
Template-based reporting
View survey data with iPhone & iPad
Fastest and most acurate WiFi Spectrum analysator
On-site troubleshooting
Real Time Frequency Monitor / Survey Inspector
2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum analysis
Wireless packet capture
Retrospective spektrum analysis


Download datasheet for Ekahau Pro


Download datasheet for Ekahau Connect.


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